Monthly Income Report – November

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Welcome to my sixth monthly income report on How I Make a Living Online.

Each month I will publish my revenues, expenses, learnings, activities and various statistics on how I make a living online.

What Happened in November?

I went on holidays!

I visited the food mecca of the Asian world, Singapore where I ate until my belly exploded.

I was in foodie heaven!

The food in Singapore was amazing and so damn cheap! I could get complete meals for as little as $2.50 and be full.

The hawker and street food was absolutely amazing full of flavours, textures and variety.

My Food Porn

Food Porn

I also got a taste of what it was like to work in another country as a digital nomad. Singapore is great place to work with everything so convenient, safe and fast internet. I was able to work, eat and have fun at the same time.

I will definitely be adding Singapore as a digital nomad destination to come back to.

After a short week, my next destination was Taiwan where I attended my cousin’s wedding.

Taiwan was a slightly different experience for me as I didn’t speak mandarin and it became a big barrier for me. I felt lost and unfamiliar with the surroundings. I couldn’t be myself in some ways but I still had lots of fun finding food to eat.

This is where I missed my first blog entry after been so consistent for the past 5 months. I really wanted to blog but flying home the very same day I just wanted to chill as you do.

One my most memorable moments has to be having internet available in the air. (Thank you Singapore Airlines)

This brought out the geek in me, the experience of been connected while flying was such a surreal experience.

If you received a random whatsapp message from me. sorry, I just had to tell the world!

I would’ve never guessed that one day I was going to be able to be online and be flying.

After arriving home to Sydney, I extended my vacation and went camping in Jervis Bay to disconnect from the world for a few days

Just 3 hours out of Sydney, Jervis Bay is one of the most beautiful spot in the world. It has some beautiful beaches I have ever been to. Disconnected and letting my eyes admire nature beauty instead of starting at computer all day.

Back to Business

As you can see not much happened in November. We all need breaks and this was a great reminder for myself why I do what I do for a living.

However during the trip I learnt for next time, that I should always have a few backup articles so I can have them ready instead of missing those 2 weeks.

During my break I also evaluated on what direction and topics I wanted to take this blog. Originally it was just going to be about “How I Make a Living Online” but there is only so much you can write about the same thing!

Without changing the original idea, I decided I will write more about other ways you can make money online and do mini-projects to validate if they worked or not.

Starting with my “Extra Cash Project” where the idea is to find simple ways to earn some extra money on the side.

To the Numbers

Post Published

Work By Numbers

  • Posts – 2
  • Images – 5

From next month I am going to take this statistics out, it is rather useless! I originally wanted to track how much work it took, but these numbers mean very little in actually how much work was done.

Visitor Statistics

Ok I have come to a point that Google Analytics SPAM is beginning to give me the sh*ts. Can someone tell me in simple terms how to get rid of it. I am tired of filtering my data every month. I am giving up!
November Visitors Statistics

Most Popular Content

This month for the most popular content was a piece I wrote last month – “How to Escape the Corporate World and Survive“. The income reports still remain very popular too.
Most Popular Content for November


I am just going to write about this statistics, as the spam in the report is just ridiculous. Most of the traffic is still coming from Facebook and there is some Organic Search but nothing really to crow about. Can someone at Google fix this spam – I am ready to punch the screen?


  • Facebook – 81 (80)
  • Email List – 5

Income Report

Blogging Earnings

Freelance Earnings

  • Jobs – $0.00

Niche Websites Earnings

  • Google Adsense – $19.60
  • Amazon – $6.80


  • $0.00

Grand Total: $26.40 (Previous – $852.13)

That’s concludes this month income report. Looking forward to getting on top of blogging again this month.

Until Next Time

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