Monthly Income Report – October 2016

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Welcome to my fifth monthly income report on How I Make a Living Online.

Each month I will publish my revenues, expenses, learnings, activities and various statistics on how I make a living online.

Latest Going-On in October

October was a great month. I am excited to report this month that I made a total of $872.05.

But before anyone jumps into any conclusion, the income came from two new sources and none of this income was actually generated from blogging.

This month from a blogging perspective has been a very disheartening experience as I look into the statistics with traffic going backwards.

I think a total 9 visitors actually read my blog!

However, this month I did not run a Facebook campaign as originally planned as I have been caught up with other projects.

Which explains a lot on why my traffic is going backwards but I realise now how important it is to promote and network in order to grow this blog.

So in the coming months I have come up with a number of ideas to grow my blog in which I shared in one of my post this month which includes

  • Use more social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram
  • Do more networking and outreach
  • Continue with Facebook Ads

It is a Lonely Game

I find that blogging can definitely be a lonely game, without feedback, without traffic makes it difficult to gauge how I am going.

I feel that I am failing but I am surprised on my resilience and persistence despite zero or negative results.

The plus side is I can really see that I am improving more and more in my writing in terms of speed and getting my thoughts out.


A few months back I contemplated on whether I should do freelancing again and I decided to bite the bullet and get back into it.

The reason was that I knew that I needed an additional income source while I grew my blogging and rebuilt my digital publishing business.

So for the past few months I have been busy building my new Web Development / Consulting Business – Net Shine Digital.

It has finally paid some dividends where majority of this month’s income has come from freelancing.

Niche Websites

The other income came from my Niche Websites where I started to resurrect my original digital publishing business.

I have been hard at work spending crazy hours to get this part up and running again.

I have yet to outsource anything, as I want to make sure I have full understanding of all the moving parts. Which I think will happen sooner than later.

Post Published

This month I published 4 awesome posts and if you haven’t read them check them out.

Work by Numbers

  • Posts- 4
  • Images – 15

Visitor Statistics

Though the image looked like it grew, however it actually went backwards as again these spam in my analytics are really playing a havoc in my reporting. But for a visual sake I will leave it in as just too tedious to fix.
October Monthly Income Report - Visitor Statistics

Most Popular Content

This month I am surprised, “How To Start a Blog” is still my most popular post. However the Income Report is the most popular page of the entire website.
October Monthly Income Report - Most Popular Content


October Monthly Income Report - Traffic


No movements here.

  • Facebook- 80 (80)
  • Email – 5

Income Report

I have decided to change this section a little bit to better reflect where my income are coming from.

Blogging Earnings

Freelance Earnings

  • Jobs – $825.00

Niche Websites Earnings

  • Google Adsense – $44.58
  • Amazon – $2.50


  • $19.95 Domain Name

Grand Total: $852.13 (Previous -$35.00)


Well that’s another wrap for this month but I have one last thing to report on that for the next 2 weeks I will be blogging from overseas.

Yep I am taking a 2 week vacation to Singapore and Taiwan. I be enjoying eating my way through asia.

This is what I love most about my business, the location freedom it offers. I can work anywhere in the world.

Until next month

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