Authority Versus Micro Niche Websites: Which one is Better?

Over the years there have been plenty of talk and debate on which one is better, an Authority Niche Website or a Micro Niche Website. Spoiler Alert – Authority Niche Websites. In the early days micro niche websites was the bread and butter for many of us “Information Marketers”, as they were quick to build, […]

The First Hour Belongs to You: My Morning Routine

3 years ago I was really struggling with all areas in my life, especially with my mind, health, wealth, relationships and overall happiness. I really felt overwhelmed and clueless on why this was happening to me. With so many parts of my life been broken, I didn’t really know where to begin, how to fix […]

7 Best WordPress Blog Plugins and Tools Every Blogger Must Have

Here are my 7 essential WordPress Blog Plugins and Tools that I use on all my blogs and niche websites. If you are new to WordPress or Blogging, plugins are just software that can be installed into WordPress which can help extend the functionality of your WordPress platform. According to There are over 45,000 […]