65 Books that has Influenced My Life

Books have always been my go to place whenever I needed help in my life. They are a constant inspiration, thought provoking, challenging and support. My First Book This is one of the very first book I bought as a teenager and one of the rare fiction books I thoroughly enjoyed. 1. The Power of […]

How to Choose a Niche?

A quick flashback to the start of 2012, it was the year in which my “Online Niche Empire” peaked where I had amassed a portfolio of over 100 different niche websites. However by the end of the year, the world may not have ended as predicted by the Mayans, my first online business venture had […]

Do you suffer from Microwave Success Syndrome?

Recently I put up an ad on GumTree selling my old dyson vacuum cleaner and I manage to find a buyer for it, a nice lady, so I thought. I met up with the lady, showed her the vacuum cleaner, she was happy, I was happy and we gladly made the exchange. However in less […]