What If

As 2016 comes to an end, one of the things I do every year is spend some time to reflect of what has happen this year. What went well? What didn’t? What adventures did I had and enjoyed? What things I could improve on? Did I achieve the goals I set out to? These are […]

5 Tips to Overcome Bloggers Block from Professional Bloggers

What to write about? Ahh … I’m so frustrated. I have hit the wall. I am suffering from my first bout of Bloggers Block. So today I seek help from my fellow Bloggers and see what their cures are for Bloggers Block are. 1. ProBlogger – Darren Rouse In his post on Battling Bloggers Block […]

The Dark Side of Freelancing

Great, so I recently jumped back on the bandwagon as a freelancer just to help pay some bills and so I can keep my business dreams afloat. Well well well, to my surprise, well not really…sarcasm. It hasn’t changed one single bit from when I first started freelancing 8 years ago. I am sure many […]