28 Ways to Make Extra Money Online

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Greetings from Singapore, in this weeks post I am writing from this amazing place in which I call the melting pot of delicious, mouth watering and scrumptious food of Asia.

I love this life, the digital nomad lifestyle. My first taste of this life has really made me even more determine to make this work.

Here at Living Online, I love sharing my story on How I Make a Living Online however what I have shared is only a small snapshot of some of the different ways you can make money online.

In the list below are 28 proven ways that you can make money online

1. Start a Blog – Blogging is one of the ways I make a living online. You can create your own blog with my step to step tutorial. You can start a blog for as low as $5 a month.

2. Start an Ecommerce Store – Create a store with Shopify and find products from places like DHExpress or Alibaba to sell.

3. Dropshipping – Instead of stocking your own products you can also dropship products. Check out Oberlo which integrates Shopify and AliExpress.

4. Photography – If you are good with your camera you can sell stock photos online. Though you may not make a killing but if you build a large enough portfolio it can bring in substantial spare change. Sell your photos at istockphoto.

5. Freelance – Become a freelancer. You are the boss, you decide who you want to work for. This is one of the other ways I have used to subsidize my income while I build my business. Find gigs at Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork.

6. Niche Websites – Another way I make money online are building niche websites. Niche websites are mainly informative and educational based around a specific topic. Which can be monetize in a variety ways like Google Adsense, Amazon, Affiliate programs and many other way.

7. App Development – Build an mobile App and sell it on the Apple or Google App stores.

8. Deliver Food – Want some exercise? Join Deliveroo, UberEats or Foodora and deliver food.

9. TShirt Business – Create a design and sell tshirts with Teespring

10. Art Business – Create and sell your own products from mugs, prints, keyrings and many other with companies like Zazzle, Red Bubble.

11. Rent a Room – Have a spare room in your house? Rent it out using Airbnb.

12. Become a Driver – Drive for Uber or Lyft driver. All you need is a car and mobile.

13. Hire Help – Become a hire helper on Airtasker, where you can find all kind of jobs from cleaning houses, walking dogs, delivering things, moving furniture and many more.

14. Surveys Online – In my early days I use to belong to a lot of survey sites and can easily bring in $50-100 a month. Some of the reputable ones I belong to areRewards Central, Pureprofile and Purple

15. Sell on Amazon – Start an ecommerce business with Amazon FBA. All you have to do is find a product, ship it to one of Amazon’s warehouses and Amazon will do everything for you, selling, shipping etc.

16. Kindle Publisher – Write and self publish kindle books on Amazon.

17. Create a Course – Create and sell your own online course with Udemy.

18. Sell on Ebay – If you are running an ecommerce store, why not sell some of your product on Ebay. Leverage off Ebay customer base.

19. Sell on Gumtree – Before you throw anything, try selling it on local classifieds like Gumtree or Craigslist. Things like white goods, electronics and furniture do well.

20. Become a Virtual Assistance – Become someone’s personal assistance online. Do tasks like research, data-entry, organise things.

21. Start a Podcast – Love talking why not start a podcast.

22. Start a Youtube Channel – Like a podcast but with video.

23. House Sit – Get paid to house sit someone else’s house while they are on vacation. Aussie House Sitters

24. Consulting – Are you an expert at something? Why not offer your services on clarify.fm.

25. Rent your Car Space – Have a spare car space at home, why not rent it out.

26. Rent your Car – Not driving your car, rent it out with carnextdoor.com.au.

27. Become Social Media Influencer – Do you have a lot of followers on your social media accounts? Get endorsed and paid by companies. Good way to start your own blog and include a media kit for potential advertisers.

28. Affiliate Marketing – Don’t have a product? Why not market someone’s else product and earn a commission for every sale. Good example is digital store Clickbank, ShareaSale and CJ.

As you can see there is so many different ways you can make money online. Not only can you make extra money, you can make an entire living with some of the methods above.

The methods I am working on are Blogging, Freelancing and Niche Websites. I am also playing around with Kindle Publishing and Ecommerce which I will be writing about next year.

Do you have any methods you have tried that is not on the list?

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