65 Books that has Influenced My Life

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Books have always been my go to place whenever I needed help in my life.

They are a constant inspiration, thought provoking, challenging and support.

My First Book

This is one of the very first book I bought as a teenager and one of the rare fiction books I thoroughly enjoyed.

1. The Power of One – inspirational and a great movie

Personal Development

Self and personal development is one of my favourite subjects

2. Mastery – how to masters one’s life
3. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – think like a millionaire
4. The 10X Rule – how to stop been mediocre
5. The Motivation Manifesto – your personal power
6. Disease to Please – how to stop been a yes man
7. The Brain that Changes itself – learn how your brain works
8. I can make you happy – get happier with this book
9. It’s Not How Good You are, Its How Good You Want to Be
10. Awaken the Giant Within – Tony Robbins
11. The Success Principles – how to be successful
12. The Way of the Superior Man – how to master work, women and sex
13. Boundaries – take control of your life
14. The Charisma Myth
15. 101 Experiments in the Philosophy of Life
16. Finding the Inner You
17. How to Win Friends and Influence People – A classic
18. The Power of Self Confidence


Been a programmer, Hacking is in my blood, just joking. I love hacking myself.

19. The 4 Hour Work Week – thought provoking
20. Productivity Ninja – get more done
21. How to get things done without trying too hard
22. The Power of Habit
23. How to Master Time
24. Focus


25. 1984 – Big Brother
26. I am David – No I am Norm lol
27. Harry Potter Series – I love Harry Potter

Health & Spiritual

28. The Bible
29. How to Practice: the Way to a Meaningful Life
30. Are you Fully Charged – about energy levels

Cooking & Food

Food is one of my greatest passions in life. To me it means family and love.

31. Jamie Oliver – love the way he cooks
32. Bill Granger – simple Meals + one of my favourite cafe’s in Sydney
33. Confident Cooking – Chocolate Cake
34. Chinese Dim Sums

Travel & Adventure

35. Lonely Planet – New Zealand, London, Japan, New York and more.

Business & Entrepreneurship

36. Think & Grow Rich – a must read for every entrepreneur
37. Rich Dad Poor Dad – taught me about the concept of leverage and other people’s money
38. The Virgin Way – how to become a leader
39. The Millionaire Messenger – how to make money writing
40. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – think like a millionaire
41. E-Myth – why small business don’t work
42. The Decision Book – 50 Models for Strategic Thinking
43. The 50th Law – how to hustle like 50cents
44. Never Eat Alone – great networking book
45. Why People Fail – understanding failure
46. Good to Great – how to be awesome

Investment & Money

47. From broke to Multi-Millionaire in 7 Years – learn about the magic moo cow
48. Sell Short – learn options trading
49. Guide to Investing – how the rich invest
50. The Unemotional Investor
51. The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffett & George Soros
52. Fools Investment
53. Even Buffet isn’t perfect – lessons from the greatest investor of our time
54. The Rules of Wealth

Sales & Marketing

55. Marketing – great overview of marketing concept
56. Words that sell – good reference when writing copy
57. Crackerjack Selling Secrets – Ben Settle legendary copywriter
58. Influence Science and Practice – psychology
59. The Power of Persuasion
60. Ask – how to find out what your customer wants
61. Connect – Linkedin Marketing
62. Making Them Believe
63. Persuasion Secrets of the World’s Most Charismatic and Influential Villains

Recipe Book

64. My Dad’s Recipes Book – Real Chinese Food 😉
Work in progress … I am currently working and writing up all my favourite dishes from his Famous Peking Duck to Roast Pork to Crispy Skin Chicken.

My No 1 Book

65. My Diary

The last book is “My Story”, my diary, my journal.

It is filled with amazing stories, thoughts and ideas. It has all the makings of a great book, there is epic battles, triumphs, tragedy, heartbreak, adventure, pure happiness, friendships, love, romance and dreams.

It is something I look forward to opening up every day as I get to pen my next chapter.

I truly believe we all have a book in our life. What is your story?

All these books have played a major part in my life and have shaped me as a person.

What are some of your favourite books? I love to hear what they are as I am always looking for new inspirations.

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