Norman ToHi, my name is Norm. I am a serial entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia and this is my blog about: How I Make A Living Online.

My Dream

Before I start, I want to share you my dream.

Which is to build a business which is Time, Location, Work and Money Independent. This is what I call freedom.

This one idea has helped me keep my motivation and persistence even at times of heart break, despair and disappointment.

Every time I become stuck in my business I always go back to this dream.

My Story

Like many of you, I use to have a 9-5 job as a Manager in a large corporate. The pay was definitely good but, the hours were long and I never had time for myself, family and friends.

I wanted a job that would give me the time, flexibility and freedom to do what I wanted. So in early 2005, I started to explore this idea further, in which I discovered the world of online marketing. For the next 5 years I developed a website in my spare time while keeping my full time job. Unknowingly to myself I had started making a living online, creating my first real online success story.

A warning to all, this was not an overnight success story, actually to be honest with you nothing really happened for a while. I was only making very little money from my site when I first started. But I persisted to develop more content and features on my site.

Then, in late 2009 my website took off. It started to generate a lot of traffic and ultimately a lot of money. For a site which cost $150 a year to run, a few hours of work a month. It started generating an income of $1000+ each month was truely amazing.

I began to wonder, what if I had 100 of these websites that did exactly the same thing? Could this be my dream job, all I needed was an internet connection, a computer and I could be anywhere in the world and not be tied to my desk.

So in July 2010, I took a leap of faith and decided to quit my high paying and secure job and become a full time Online Entrepreneur!

Why this Blog?

I never really intended to write or start a blog about making money online until I became really successful in my eyes.

However, there are two things that have always been on my mind. The first thing is, I have always struggled to explain to my friends and family exactly how I make a living online, so hopefully I can just refer them to this blog and it will answer all their questions.

Secondly, I have always wanted to share my experiences, ideas and teach people on how to “Live Online” so that they too can have the same freedom I have today.

It has allowed me to enjoy and take vacations to spend time with my dearest family and friends whenever and as long as I wanted. I’ve spent countless hours sitting in cafes working on my business without any boss telling me what to do. I have even spent days doing nothing, just sitting in the sun and enjoying the world.

Most importantly, it has given me the time and flexibility to work on all of my dreams, ideas and goals in my life whilst earning a living.

I’m hoping through this blog I can share with you my journey, strategies, techniques and insights into this wonderful world of internet marketing and entrepreneurship.