Authority Versus Micro Niche Websites: Which one is Better?

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Over the years there have been plenty of talk and debate on which one is better, an Authority Niche Website or a Micro Niche Website.

Spoiler Alert – Authority Niche Websites.

In the early days micro niche websites was the bread and butter for many of us “Information Marketers”, as they were quick to build, scale and fairly easy to get to $100 a month.

Especially if you chose long-tail keywords with low competition it was very easy to rank your website and get a decent amount of traffic to.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Micro Niche Websites but because it was so “easy” back then it created a flood of competition and flooded the internet with low quality websites.

A lot of the time these websites were nothing more than cookie cutters with lots of advertising and their main goal was to make money.

The content was poor quality and had extremely high “Bounce Rates”, 85%-90%, meaning as soon as the user landed on the website they pretty much left straight away.

They provided zero value to the end user. They were just rubbish.

I personally built over 100 micro niche websites myself and some of them were just horrible. Even though it did very well for a while, it was actually a nightmare and quite stressful.

The co-ordination, management and maintenance of all these websites was such a nightmare for me, some days I felt I was drowning in work from constantly updating WordPress, churning out content and spending hours on hours doing SEO just to compete against all the other “Competition”.

I am so glad Google came to the party and killed this!

It killed a lot of “Information Marketers”.

It Killed Me.

What became evidently clear after the great purge, search results was dominated by Authority niche websites.

Micro Niche Websites who targeted 500-1000 keyword searches per month was no longer on top of the search results, they either disappeared or was demoted to second to third pages.

Are micro niche websites dead?

Probably not, I still see some in the search results rank really well but these are getting rarer and uncommon.

As for me the only website that was still standing was my Infomercial Review, 11 years now and still going.

You see instead of just ranking for a handful of keyword searches it ranked for over 125,000 different keywords. It didn’t need to compete, it dominated.

And no I didn’t have thousands of articles; it only had about 700 pages built over 11 years!
Can you now see the case for Authority Niche Websites?

Plus out of all the websites I’ve ever built, it is still the number one earner! And if that doesn’t speak volumes I don’t know what will.

Looking back, I wish I had stuck with building Authority Niche Websites. Though they may have taken a bit more time to build but in the long term the benefits far outweighed the negatives

My strategy is now entirely focused on building a business (“Niche Empire”) for the long term and to create multiple “Assets” that will continue to grow over time.

Next month I will be writing about my exact process on “How to Find and Research a Profitable Authority Niche Website”.

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