The First Hour Belongs to You: My Morning Routine

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3 years ago I was really struggling with all areas in my life, especially with my mind, health, wealth, relationships and overall happiness.

I really felt overwhelmed and clueless on why this was happening to me.

With so many parts of my life been broken, I didn’t really know where to begin, how to fix it and what was the problem.

Then one day out of the blue, I stumbled upon this idea – “The First Hour Belongs to You”

Now I cannot remember where I read or heard about this, but that was a light bulb moment for me.

The idea was to spend the first hour of everyday to evaluate, reflect, learn, improve, fuel and work on yourself.

This idea changed my life!

You see previous to this, all I was doing was reacting to life.

I was putting everyone else’s priorities before mind.

I honestly thought I was doing the right thing. I always felt a sense of responsibility to serve and to help others. To be truthful I still do!

And by the end of the day when I had time for myself, I would be both physically and mentally exhausted and all I wanted to do is to lie on the couch and watch tv.

I have helped all these people in my life, but I forgot about myself.

I literally stopped growing as a person.

I was deteriorating in all aspects of my life, mentally, physically, emotional and socially.

I was dying a slow death.

However by making this small change, to spend the first hour of each day on myself I became more
– Energized
– Cleared minded
– Focused
– Refreshed
– Smarter

Look it didn’t happen overnight but as I spent more time working on myself the more parts of my life improved.

I increase my productivity, I procrastinate less.

I am more motivated.

I have better relationships.

I am healthier and fitter than I have ever been.

I am mentally stronger than ever; I can fight pain with my mind.

As well I am waking up earlier and that is an amazing feat, especially for a non-morning person.

This is how I start my day.

My Morning Routine

1. Wake up between 5am-8am.
2. Drink water
3. Shower, brush my teeth and get dressed
4. Eat a hearty breakfast with my coffee
5. Listen or read something educational
6. Journal and brain dump my ideas
7. Review of my goals
8. Do something that makes me feel good

I love waking up early now as I get to work on myself first.

If you are struggling with anything in your life, try to spend just the first hour on yourself.

It worked for me and it may work for you.

Do you have a morning routine? Love to hear about your experience, please share it below on how it has helped improve your life.

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