Keyword Research for Niche Websites

Keyword Research for Niche Websites

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Learning to do keyword research is one of the most important skills every blogger and website owner should learn, especially when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO).

Finding a Profitable Niche – Part 2

1. Niche Selection
2. Keyword Research
3. Competitor Analysis

If you are building a niche website you should never skip this step because it will help you determine on how much time, money and work is required in order to be profitable in your chosen niche.

Why do Keyword Research?

The main goal of keyword research is to find all the best keywords that people use when searching for information in your niche.

Looking at
– How much search volume there is
– How competitive it is
– User Intent

Search Volume

This tells us how many times this keyword is search for every month and we can use information to estimate how profitable a niche can be.

For example: If a keyword receives 10,000 searches each month and we estimate that for every 1000 visitors we can make $25, we potential can earn up to $250.


By looking at how competitive a keyword is, it allows us to determine how hard it is to rank it in search, the less competitive the easier it is.

User Intent

Certain keywords have different user intent, which can be information, transaction and commercial. This helps with how we structure and write our articles and how we build our sales funnels.

How to do Keyword Research?

Keyword research isn’t very difficult but is very important if you are going to be successful in building niche websites.

Keyword research can be done in 3 easy steps.

1. Find Seed Keywords

The first thing you need is to come up with a seed keyword. Generally this keyword is the “Niche Topic”. i.e. Vacuum Cleaner, Knitting.

2. Generate a List of Keywords

With the seed keyword you then want to generate a larger list of keywords which can be done with paid or free tools like or Longtail Pro.

3. Analysis

When it comes to the analysis which is probably the most difficult part of the whole process, I personally use a tool called LongTail Pro. I highly recommend it as it outlays all the key information in one place.

For a free tool you can use Google Keyword Tool to help but it only gives you an estimate search volume.

Keyword Research for New Niche Websites

When building new niche websites I always want to find around 2-3 high volume keywords totaling 75K to 100K searches each month.

If the keywords meets this criteria, I will then proceed to the next step.

Also I like to find all the low competitive keywords found in step 2 as they will become part of the initial content write up for the niche website.

If you are using Longtail Pro I like to have Keyword Competitiveness (KC) of less than 30.


You now can see how important keyword research is in order to help you decide on whether to enter a niche or not.

Just remember the three key indicators are volume, competitiveness and user intent.

With the list of keywords you now know what keywords to target in your content and how much SEO is required to rank it in search.

What I covered is just a beginners guide to keyword research, you should continue to research and study this topic as it is always evolving and changing.

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