Monthly Income Report – December

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Welcome to my seventh monthly income report on How I Make a Living Online.

Each month I will publish my revenues, expenses, learnings, activities and various statistics on how I make a living online.

What happened in December?

December would normally be a great time to ramp up and get ready for 2017 but instead I did the opposite and took it easy and did a lot of thinking, reflection and rejigging my businesses.

I have to admit 2016 was a real tough year.

Lot of things didn’t work out as planned and I had a lot of other frustrations especially when projects were taking longer than anticipated.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of wins too but I still felt that I was at the bottom of my Mount Everest after taking a big fall the past years.

Taking a break was hard.

I was torn between business and personal life.

But … I think my body finally gave up.

My neck and back had stiffened up to the point I couldn’t move! I was in so much pain it was ridiculous, like I had broken my back.

I needed a break.

Massages, Christmas dinner and a mini vacation to Tasmania.

It was great. I really needed that break just to put some balance into my life.

Setting Goals

During my break I spent some time writing all my goals out for 2017 in which I would like to achieve for my Blog and Digital Business.

I personally believe setting goals is a great way to help guide you throughout the year and keep yourself accountable.
My tip for anyone setting goals is to make sure they are realistic.

Meaning they are realistic for you to achieve based upon your ability, finances, time and situation.

Really think about it how likely you can achieve the goal based around these attributes.

Blogging Goals

Things I like to achieve in 2017
1. Be more consistent and discipline with my blogging as I noticed I have dropped the ball a few times in the past few months especially if I am going to become a professional blogger.

2. Learn to write better. One of my biggest struggles with blogging in 2016 has actually been writing. So I have decided as part of my blogging I will undertake some study/education to get better at writing.

3. I would love to gain some more loyal readers like 100.
Digital Business Goals

I have named this section Digital Business Goals which will encompass all my various online projects I currently and planning on which include
– Niche Websites
– Ecommerce
– Apps
– Affiliate Marketing
– Courses
– Ebook Publishing
– Experiments

1. Start and grow my Niche Website Empire again from one site to five sites that generate at least $5K a month.

2. Run 2-3 Experiments/Case studies on other methods on How to Make Money Online. I am always coming up with ideas and this year I really want to start been more proactive on taking ACTION on those ideas.

Lastly … Something New

I have decided to expand and include my core business which is my web development company in my weekly writings in my blog.

As I have always wanted to share what is it like to start, grow and run your own online business but weren’t sure if this blog was the appropriate place to share it.

I think it is and might help other aspiring people wanting to start there own business gain insights of what is it to run your own online digital business – web development company.

Though I will exclude revenue/expenses from the income report but I will share rough estimates to give you some insights of the business.

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Monthly Income Report – November

Visitor Statistics

Most Popular Content

This month for the most popular content was a piece I wrote last month – “28 Ways to Make Money Online“. Followed by November’s income reports still remain very popular too.


Most of my Traffic is still coming from Facebook and I am getting some referrals from other websites which is good.


  • Facebook – 83 (81)
  • Email List – 5

Income Report

Blogging Earnings

  • Bluehost – $0.00 – Learn how to start your own blog in less than 30 Minutes

Freelance Earnings

  • Jobs – $0.00

Niche Websites Earnings

  • Google Adsense – $33.28
  • Amazon – $35.38


  • $0.00

Grand Total: $68.66 (Previous – $26.40)

Did you set up any new year goals? If you have, please share below.


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