Monthly Income Report – June 2016

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Welcome to my first monthly income report on How I Make a Living Online.

Each month I will publish my revenues, expenses, learnings, activities and various statistics on how I make a living online.


What a month! My first month as a Professional Blogger.

To be honest, I had serious doubts on whether I could really commit myself into doing this.

The problem was I knew it would take me at least a day to write one blog post and fitting this with my other online businesses would be a real stretch on my resources and time.

But the pros definitely out way the cons.

So I decided that each Thursday will be the day that I dedicate myself to writing for this blog.

The beginning

I was in hell. Getting that damn first sentence out was like trying to get out of bed on a freezing winter morning. It took forever!

Words didn’t flow like a river, it was more like a trickle here and a trickle there.

Half the time I felt like I didn’t even know what I was doing.

I would write paragraphs that didn’t fit or flow to the next paragraph, it was like a mish mash of crap everywhere.

Writing good sentences was even worse. I kept making mistakes, missing words, spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar and alot of the time it didn’t even make sense.

Plus my brain was been a real big dick, it would remind me of some obscure rule from my school days.

Which slowed me down, as it caused me to constantly check, double check, triple and quadruple check everything. And even after doing all the checks some sentences still didn’t make sense.

Then there was the structure of the article, what structure. Ha I am still trying to work this one out.

Writing a thousand (1000) words felt like days for me and getting it out was like forcing crap out a tiny hole!

Making it sound like me was even harder. Writing in my own voice was far difficult than I could ever imagine. It was like wtf half the time.

Delete delete delete and some cases it was hold down the delete button.

Sometimes it felt like I typed 10,000 words to get 1,000 words.

But you know what. I did it!

I kept writing and writing and writing until I thought I had done justice for the post.

After 3-4 coffees later, a nanna nap, a few edits, some graphics work here and there, some seo, I hit the publish button and it was there for the world to see.

I end up churning four blog posts for this month

  1. How to Start Your Own Blog in 30 Minutes or Less
  2. Make a Living Online with Blogging
  3. The Art of Blogging
  4. How to Choose a WordPress Theme

Of course like any great blogger, I shamelessly plugged and shared my articles to my friends and family on Facebook. This was my only promotion activity so far.

My first month of blogging was far from perfect. It was really hard work, probably took close to 40 hours to churn out these 4 blog posts.

But it felt good. What made it even better?

18th June 2016

This was the day I made my first dollar with my blog. OMG I never expected this at all, not in my first month.

Fist pump, I screamed yeah, raised my arm in the air like Rocky on the steps of Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Honestly I thought it would take months perhaps even a year to generate any income because for any blog or website to make money online you need traffic. Which I had hardly any!

However the best feeling was not the money, it was that someone actually read my blog, o wow! It felt so good even if it was only a few people who saw it.

But you know what it didn’t matter, it worked and I made a total of $130.

Anyway for the numbers people.

Work by Numbers

  • Posts – 4
  • Images – 22

Visitors Statistics

As expected the numbers is relatively low.

Most Popular Content

The most popular posts was the The Art of Blogging and followed by How to Start your Own Blog



How I make a living online - June 2016 Traffic


I have to admit a bit disappointing here. I expected a few more numbers but with hardly any promotion and traffic this will be a slow slogged. However I have some great ideas on how to increase this which I will continue to work on next month.

  • Facebook – 65
  • Email List – 0

Income Report

Affiliate Earnings


  • $0.00

Earnings Total

  • Affiliate Income – $173.91
  • Expenses $0.00

Grand Total: $173.91


I learnt a big lesson here, which was despite my weakness and doubts with my writing, simply just doing it and staying committed, magic can happen.

Plus it is ok to be imperfect in this world and still achieve any results your heart desires.

I also want to thank you to all my readers who have liked, shared and read my blog. Without you I could not have imagine or even achieve these results in my first month.

Thanks for reading my first Monthly Income Report on How I Make a Living Online.

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