Monthly Income Report May 2017

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Welcome to my twelfth monthly income report on How I Make a Living Online.
Each month I will publish my revenues, expenses, learnings, activities and various statistics on how I make a living online.

What happen in May?

One of my new year’s resolutions was to be healthier version of me.

So for the first time in my Life I decided to go do a health check to see how I was doing.

The first thing they got me to was a blood test. Lucky I ain’t too squrimish with blood.
I do love my steak bloody!

Overall I was fairly healthy, which I was quietly chuffed as my good friend Julie would say, but in saying that everything was borderline of been non-healthy.

The doctor told me I have to eat better, drink less coffee and exercise a bit more.

But also the doctor recommended to go get something checked out, so off I went to see the specialist.

The specialist recommended I do a colonoscopy to double check nothing malicious.

So I had the procedure done, where he found a small polyp and cut it out. Nothing major, it was over in a few hours.

Few weeks later I saw the specialist again and I got the all clear. Woohoo so I thought.

Then tragedy struck, literally shit hit the fan.

A few days later I was rushed to the emergency for internal bleeding (Apparently I was the unlucky 1% who had complications).

For the first time in my life I was really scared, like scared. I literally felt my life draining out as I kept bleeding.

I grew weaker, breathless and faint.

“I really thought this was it”

For that moment, lying in the hospital bed, half naked, I really thought this could be it! I felt sad, I had tears streaming down my face, I thought about alot of things, things I didn’t get to accomplish, the friends and most of all I missed my family.

I remember seeing the clock strike 2am, just before my world went dark. It was the the last thing I saw, I remembered saying, if this was it so be it, there is nothing I can do.

I woke up in the intensive care unit and spent another week in hospital. I have to thank all the awesome doctors, nurses, family friends who helped out in my time of need.

I will never forget the love and well wishes I have received. It is strange to have to rely on people but I am deeply and grateful for it.

So for the past month I have had to take time off and give myself the time to recover.

Easier said than done right, after experiencing something like that I really didn’t have much time to waste. I want to go after my dreams.

Plus as a business owner it was really hard to sit still and do nothing. But I forced myself to allow myself to recover and get better.

During this time I did a lot of reflection.

I thought a lot about my goals, dreams, what was important, what was not, the life I was living and a lot about my business. Especially my business.

It made me realise the biggest problem in my business today, I am the business.

Without me it is dead.

I came to the conclusion that I needed to build a more automated business and multiple income streams.

Now having a business that runs itself has always been a dream of mine, but I have caught myself time and time making excuses like, I don’t have the money, the time or skills for not doing it.

But that has to stop! Right now.

So I started making a list of all the things that I can do today to move my business into the right direction.

1. Standard Operational Procedures

One of the first things I want to do is begin documenting and writing all the process and procedures in my businesses. Map everything out, a manual for my business.

So when it comes to outsourcing my business I have a list of process that can easily be pass on to the team.

2. Build a Team

Start building a team. This is something I really need to start investing in. A team I can rely on. A team to run my business.

So for the next 12 months I will start building my dream team with a mixture of virtual assistances, outsource and business partners.

It will be an interesting experience to build a team 100% online.

3. Build Digital Assets faster (Niche Websites)

Having a digital agency is great and stuff but it relies on “Me” too much, especially the work I do.

So I have decided to push ahead in building five niche websites which will form the foundation of my new digital empire.

It is bold initiative but if I pull it off, I should be able to generate a large chunk of my income.

To my Income Report

Now to the important stuff and the stuff you want to see. This month I have a special announcement, starting from this month I have decided to include my income from my digital agency. Now you get a complete picture of all the income I produce online.



Niche Websites

  • Amazon – $1.91
  • Google Adsense – $36.41

Digital Agency

  • Development – $0.00
  • Maintenance – $130.00

Total: $168.32


  • Domain – $20.14
  • Aweber – $25.52
  • Paypal Fees – $4.63

Total: $50.29

Total Net Profit $118.03


Well that is wrap! I survived.

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