My Top 5 Ways of Making Money Online

My Top 5 Ways of Making Money Online

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Show me the Money!

For the past 10 years I have been learning, experimenting, testing and working on every possible ways of making money online.

Over those years I have seen all the highs and lows of everything however the following 5 ways have become the core of my business income.

Here are my top 5 ways of making money online.

#5 Advertising

This was the first way I made money online through selling advertising spaces on my various websites and blogs.

I still recall, it was in the first week of December 2004 where I made my first dollar online from Google Adsense.

Just like a newspaper or magazine I initially used an advertising model to build my business. At the time this was by far the easiest way to make money online and grow my business.

A great example is my infomercial website where it has generated over $45,000 through Adsense alone.

#4 Affiliate Products

Promoting of affiliate products was a big leap forward for my business. It took it from a one trick pony to multiple income streams.

By simply recommending and sharing products or services I was not only able to help my audience, I was able to generate additional revenue for my business.

It’s a win, win, win situation. My customer won, the business won and I won too.

One of the first programs I joined was Amazon Affiliate program, later on I would join Share A Sale, Commission Junction, Clickbank, CPA Networks and many other companies affiliate programs.

#3 Product Creation

You can easily make a great living from the above and many people do. But I wanted to take it to another level in my entrepreneur journey.

So I began creating my own products, I started from the humble ebook to now moving into digital courses and have plans of building Apps and might start my own Ecommerce store.

The main reasons for creating your own products is that you will have more control and the ability to grow your income exponentially.

Of course it is more risky, time consuming and can be expensive to produce.

But in saying this, it has become much easier, cheaper and simpler to create your own ebook, online courses or physical product with all the new tools, courses and information available online.

#2 Consulting/Coaching

I never intended to become a coach or consultant however after sharing with people about what I do it resulted in many of them wanting help with various things including building websites, digital marketing, list building, technology, strategy, tactics and many more.

I have been very lucky and fortunate to work with so many amazing people over the years and just to watch their business blossom has been a reward in itself.

And Now for my number 1 method

Drum roll.


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