What If

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As 2016 comes to an end, one of the things I do every year is spend some time to reflect of what has happen this year.

What went well?
What didn’t?
What adventures did I had and enjoyed?
What things I could improve on?
Did I achieve the goals I set out to?

These are some of the pondering questions I have as I sit on my couch with my freshly brewed coffee.


This year was a moment of sadness as I lost my beloved dog, friend and family – Cookie. To me he was the best dog any man could have. I love how he always welcomed me even though I hated been licked! But he would always be by myside wherever I went. So Clingy!


On the positive side, I learnt to enjoy life a lot more. I found my travel bug and rediscovered my love for food, travelling to Taiwan and Singapore. I had some big adventures like snowboarding, camping and exploring the bush. I watched Cold Play, Aladdin and Ghost the musicals.

New Beginnings

I reinvented myself again. I became a blogger, I rejigged my consulting business and got back into running again after 10 years.


Biggest lesson of 2016 was getting rid of shitty people from my life. I learnt that these people are just a waste of my time, energy and spirit. They didn’t lift me up but instead drag me down into dark places and sucked the life out of me.

I also learnt things always take longer than expected and that everything needs time for it to grow and nurture.

I accept that I will fail, that I will lose money, waste time, but it is necessary as it will move me closer to my goals.

What If?

Lastly, the most impactful lesson I like to share my thoughts on is – What If.

These two words kept popping up throughout 2016, perhaps my entire life, it came from my friends, family and even my own conversations.

However the problem was it often went like this –

What if I fail.
What if I don’t like this anymore
What if I find it too hard
What if I can’t do it
What if my family don’t support me

Is it just me? It appears we have grown to fear life! Why?

Have society conditioned us to always think of the worst case scenario.

The biggest problem with this, it stops people from ever living their dreams.

Wouldn’t it be just as logical as if you had thoughts like this

What if I became successful
What if I achieve my goal
What if I make it

As Les Brown would put it – “It’s possible that you can live your dream.”

Cause if you never try, you will never know.

Since leaving my corporate job, I haven’t yet had the successes as I have had in my corporate life.

I have had failures, struggles, losses and breakups.

Despite this, I don’t see these as something bad!

I see as a way to grow, learn and develop as a person.

Only through this I found out how resilient, resourceful, strong, adaptive and a survivor of life.

I have been enriched by so many different experiences and most of all met so many amazing people that have changed my life forever.

So if you have ever dreamt about doing something for example like

Starting a Blog
Quitting the Corporate Life
Go Travelling
Asking that Girl
Starting your own Business

Just try and it will give you the answers that you have always been seeking.

Next Year

I am really looking forward to 2017, new goals to achieve and some old ones to complete. It is already starting to look bigger and busier.

I will share some of my business goals of 2017 in my next income report.

Happy New Year

As there is only a few days left until the new year, I highly recommend you to sit back and reflect and write everything that has happened.

See what you did well, not so good and where you like to improve.

Then on the next page write what you want to achieve in 2017. Make it a little challenge for yourself and go after those dreams.

Well that is a wrap.

Honestly, from the bottom of heart I really want to thank all my wonderful readers who has have read, liked, commented and shared my blog.

Wishing you all a very awesome and safe New Year.

See you in 2017.


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